Discount Designer’s experience in dealing with sellers and buyers at home and abroad is extensive. We have come across the good and the bad.

Our advice is practical and we hope you find it useful.


  • Size……….Wedding Dress Designer sizes vary. New wedding dresses are ordered in the size of the largest part of your body and are altered afterwards. Therefore, if you see a dress advertised as UK size 12, check if it is altered or unaltered. If it has been altered, try to get as much information as possible on the alterations. Do not be put off by larger sized dresses. We had a size 16 taken down to a size 10. All Alterations Services & The Zip Yard Dun Laoghaire have worked wonders for Discount Designer Brides.
  • Images……. A picture of the present day condition of the dress is always helpful when buying online, better still, a short vid of the dress. We have created 30 second iPhone clips for buyers abroad. It is important to provide as much information as possible to avoid a return. Be honest about your dress, if there is a stain or damage to the dress, point them out. If dress is not new, it is important to manage buyers expectations.
  • Presentation……A clean dress has a higher chance of selling than a dirty dress. Second hand buyers while looking for a good price are also looking for a dress in great condition. We offer a dry cleaning service to our sellers who have not had the opportunity to get their dress cleaned.
  • Price……..Be realistic about the asking price of your dress. At Discount Designer, our sellers set their own sale price however we advise to price at 50% off new retail price. Brides buying second hand are looking for a good deal.
  • Payment……Do not send your dress to buyer unless it is paid in full. Brides buying online at Discount Designer, pay for dress in advance of shipping, if dress is not the right size, refund is given once dress is returned in the same condition within 5 days. Buyer is responsible for postage costs. We have come across buyers wishing to pay 50% in advance and 50% on receipt, while there may be the best of intentions here, never send your dress without full payment.


Happy Selling and Happy Buying to you all. 

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